Sony Confirms It's Officially Taking care of Next-Gen Hardware

Sony has officially confirmed that they will be, in actual fact, currently perfecting a next-gen online game console. Excellent originates from Sony CEO?Kenichiro Yoshida talking with Financial Times, where according

Ninja Theory's Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Is Getting an actual physical Release

Ninja Theory’s acclaimed dark fantasy action game, Hellblade: Senua Sacrifice, is making its option to retailers. Hellblade can be a title about mental illness and happens over the late 8th

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Complete Edition and Expansion set to produce in West This year

Bandai Namco Entertainment has stated Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet will get a thorough edition alongside its new expansion, both of which will launch in the western world early buy.

Dev Discusses What Journalists Get Wrong About Game Development, Telltale Dumpster Fire, Value of Video gaming; Full Q&A

Luc Bernard,?Chief Creative Officer of development studio,?Arcade Distillery, has numerous games under his belt. You could possibly recall ones like Plague Road, Mecho Tales, Death Tales as well as the

Starlink: Battle for Atlas' Digital Switch Version Is going to take up 12.7GB of Space

The Nintendo eShop has revealed the download space requirements for their digital version of?Starlink: Battle for Atlas. Ubisoft’s?upcoming interstellar space adventure could require 12.7GB of space to download digitally on

6 Iconic Spider-Man Costumes Which should Have Been in Marvel’s Spider-Man

1 of 6 6 Iconic Costumes which should are working Marvel’s Spider-Man The Bombastic Bag-Man / The Amazing Bag-Man Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 boasted a variety of classic Spidey garments,

Tetris Effect Physical Edition and Pre-Order Bonuses Announced

Resonair has announced the upcoming PlayStation 4 game Tetris Effect is receiving an actual physical release. Sony Interactive Entertainment will likely be publishing the physical version, while Enhance Inc. is

Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 Schedule Revealed

The agenda for the Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 speedrunning charity event is revealed, giving a list of games to become split up and also in one week. The annual

Just Cause 4 is Pure Chaotic Bliss (Hands-On Preview)

Throughout the primary presentation of Just Cause 4, before hands-on at NYCC, freedom what food was in the forefront. This is any type of freedom that lets players go wherever

Sony Will Finally Assist you to Produce positive changes to PSN Online ID Starting Buy

Ever regretted indicators the PSN ID xXxsaiyanxXx hundreds of years ago and wished to change that? It’s been rumored for long periods, but Sony is finally causeing this to be