Golf Tips For Free – Simple Tips to Improve Your Game Instantly

So you are looking golf tips for free to improve your game? There are tons of ways to get better today and here is some advice to help you do so.

Get in shape

One great way to improve without paying a dime is to just start exercising more, eating healthier and stretching.

Many players are held back simply because they physically aren’t capable of making a sound swing due to a lack of strength and flexibility. When you improve these areas you will often see dramatic improvements without changing your swing at all.


Aside from being in better shape, here is one of the most important golf tips for free that will help you instantly improve your game-relax and don’t think too much. Having one swing thought is okay but don’t fall into the trap that many players do of pouring over magazine tips for hours on end.

By the time they get to the course they have 10 or more different swing thoughts running through their head and they end up with a herky jerky and un-fluid motion. Watch any pro on tour-their swings all look completely smooth and effortless, and this is the only way to hit good shots.

Therefore have no more than one swing thought. If you do need one then here is something you might consider using-try gripping the club as lightly as possible.

Tension is a swing killer…

This will ensure that you are as relaxed and have as little tension as possible. This is key for hitting solid shots because if you have tension you won’t be able to make as big of a shoulder turn and achieve as much club head speed.

Ask any great fighter and they will tell you the most powerful punches are achieved with having a relaxed fist, and the same principle applies to the golf swing. Most players instinctively tense up when trying to hit the ball farther but this will have the opposite effect. Use these golf tips for free to quickly and easily improve your game.

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