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Learning karate kid, subdue wide angle Left hook
Error: You always play the left hook, and it often brings you into big trouble.
Reason: When hit the ball, your club face point to your target and the left of swing orbit .
Correct: the left bar in action imitation, imagine you are doing a karate blow to a piece of wood by the side of you.

Billy Casper association method is the use of this swing cured of his left hook. The outer edge of left palm in front, this will delay the rotation of the forearm to prevent the club over the toe heel premature. So you can not make a face turn. When the outer edge of your left palm ball represents the position of the face, so if you can make the right side of the knuckles to keep to the target, your face will be toward the side. If your club face pointing to the right, the ball would not bend on the left.

Posterior edge of the club under the thumb finger print, play longer, more accurate strike

Speaking of the left hand grip action, there are 85 players in the 100 small power problems of human existence. That is, the left thumb in the shaft at the top, go left hand grip on the left, the target direction. If your grip action is that, you play the right music would greatly increase the probability of the ball. The reason: lack of control over the club, leading the club shaking, the results towards the goal of either the right side of the face, or toward the target on the left.

Improve the grip, increasing the stability ball, the key is the left thumb. Pressed on the back edge of the thumb grip, just like to print the fingerprints on the grip. This will not only be able to increase grip strength, but also help to increase forearm rotation before and after the ball, so go with the ball perpendicular to the face to help you hit the ball to fly left. Left thumb in the shaft to the rear, the rear edge of the pressure in the handle, but also can enhance the leverage on the rod ball time and time to peak can enhance the control of the club to increase the distance, to achieve a perfect ball. But remember, do not leave your clubs at the scene of the crime.


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