Microsoft Xbox Repair

I was having a perfect afternoon. Nothing to do but enjoy my Xbox, which I hadn’t done in awhile since work and life were busy. I just got home from Best Buy and I was ready to try out the new Call of Duty (a great game if you have not tried it out by the way!). After playing for a while, okay I admit, I was playing for a few hours. My Xbox 360 froze. Nothing I could do could help to reset the system. Needless to say I was pissed, I had fallen victim to the RROD the Xbox red ring of death.

So what was I to do? I knew my Xbox was not covered under the warranty so I was forced to figure out what was wrong with the Xbox. The Xbox is an awesome gaming console, there is no arguing that but the fact that it had frozen was more than a little annoying. After some research I discovered that my Xbox like so many others was overheating and that overheating was caused by a defect in the heat sink.

No warranty, no one could tell me how to fix it, so my next step was to figure out an Xbox repair for myself. What I was trying to do is just try and figure out how to avoid the Xbox overheating problem. Maybe there is a Microsoft Xbox repair guide. It couldn’t be difficult, all I got is common sense.

This last time my Xbox froze I noticed my console was hot. And not just a little bit, it was like asphalt on a hot summer day. The only thing I could do was let it cool off, but that was not a permanent fix and it became obvious that I needed a permanent Xbox fit.

I found a Microsoft Xbox repair guide that actually helped and explained exactly what was caused the overheating problems. But before you get the Microsoft Xbox repair Guide you should try to prevent this problem and extend the life of your Xbox a little.

Here is How:
1) I know it is hard, but don’t do marathon gaming sessions.
2) Don’t put your Xbox on the carpet.
3) Don’t put the Xbox in a cabinet or small space so that it has no air flow for the fan.
4) Don’t try to fix it with the towel trick, you’ll be sorry. Trust me.
5) Don’t leave it on when you are not using it.

Hopefully these tips help the Xbox overheating problems and bring your dead Xbox back to life. If it is too late for the tips I listed above I would look for a good Microsoft Xbox repair Guide.

Hi, Jon here. Just your average gamer spreading the word about the defects of the Xbox and how you can avoid some problems down the road. Hope my tips help. If your Xbox has already got the ‘Red Ring of Death’ or the freezing screen problems you are going to need a permanent Microsoft Xbox repair. Happy gaming.

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