The PlayStation Move Navigation Controller

Many of you are serious and avid gamers and are familiar with the PlayStation 3 game system. Coming in September, there will be an added feature for all you hard core gamers and it will make your gaming experience much more realistic. This new feature is the PlayStation Move Navigation Controller.

This new controller redefines motion gaming and brings it to a whole new level. The PlayStation Move Navigation Controller is similar to the control features you may already be familiar with from the DualShock3 controller. This new move navigation controller is also wireless which allows you the freedom to move about the room while immersing yourself in the game. It has directional buttons, an analog stick and two shoulder buttons. It allows for free range of motion for tons of fun and can be used not only for gaming but also for surfing the web, downloading movies, playing dvds and all from your PlayStation!

The PlayStation Move Navigation Controller uses infrared technology to communicate between the remote device and the base station and even allows you to navigate through movies and dvds or other downloads by pausing, rewinding and fast forwarding. It has an X button, an O button and a PS button to make for simpler navigation as well as entering and exiting options on the menu. There is a built in rechargeable battery which can be automatically paired with the PS3 system via a USB cable. You can connect two motion sensors and two navigation controllers at once for easy use by the whole family.

The PlayStation Move Navigation Controller has advanced motion sensors, a color changing sphere and even vibration feedback. The vibration feedback makes for rockin gaming as you can feel in your hands the actions seen on the screen. This controller allows you to navigate your way through the blue ray HD world of the latest and greatest games. By using one controller in each hand, the experience becomes even more intense as both quick and subtle movements can be tracked through the advanced motion sensors. In short, the upcoming PlayStation Move Navigation Controller takes your gaming experience to new heights.


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