The Unsettling Regional Trend of Insurance Marketing

Perhaps you have observed an intriguing development the last few times you have searched online using the term “your city insurance”. After conducting searches for more than 27 key markets, I have seen the very same unsettling development in all of them. And if I’m forecasting this correctly, it could mean the loss of thousands of dollars of premium to your agency. Taken right from under your nose.

I have realized the following: Large lead development firms have begun knocking local insurance agencies from the front page of internet search results in their own cities, rendering them very hard to find by those hoping to get insurance quotes in their hometown.

It is actually widely known that the majority of individuals do not go beyond the first results page when the search for something online.

You may be asking yourself, “So what’s the big deal about being on the first page of Google?” Not only does a first page listing virtually guarantee hundreds of visitors to your web-site each month, but it means that those visitors are actively seeking an “insurance quote” which means they are in buying mode. In other words, they are targeted traffic.

So, missing out on this traffic could mean the loss of thousands of dollars in premium to your agency.

Nonetheless, there is usually time to remedy this situation. You still have a chance to defeat such competitors by doing what they do, only better. What you need is usually a general grasp of Browser’s search engine Optimization concepts. First we need to begin by returning you to the first page of search results.

First Step: Be certain that your main keyword is used throughout your On-Page Optimization (Meta description, Meta Keywords,and also H1 tag). You will probably use the term “your city insurance”. Should you lack the knowledge to make such alterations on your own, simply ask your webmaster. You may need to coach them through what you want, because while the majority can design a pretty web-site, they know little about SEO.

Step #2 – Perhaps the most vital component to getting your website back on the first page, is actually your link growing campaign. You need to build hundreds or even thousands of back back links to your web-site using the anchor text of your keyword. As before, this is usually likely to be “your city insurance”. Google sees each one of these back one-way links as a “vote” for your web site about “Your city Insurance”.

Valuable repositories for back back-links include forum postings, blog comments, plus article directories.

However, it is usually necessary that you do not delay in reclaiming that to which you are justifiably entitled. Tighten up your online presence and return your web-site to the first page of Google search results before too much damage is actually done.

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