Three Simple Tips to a Better Golf Game

You know the feeling you have when you buy a new set of golf clubs or new golf shoes and you can’t wait to get out on the golf course to try them out? After a while you lose that feeling because your shoes get grass stained and dingy, and your clubs start looking like they’ve seen better days. Have you ever heard of using a steam cleaner to restore the tack on your grip, and shine your clubs and shoes so they always look new? I have three easy tips for you to help keep that brand new feeling.

1. Restore the tack on your grip with a steam cleaner using the soft brush and a little bit of bar soap. Within seconds all that build up on your grip is melted away leaving a perfect grip. Most golfers would agree that a clean and restored tack improves your golf score.

2. Shine your club shaft and heads with steam and a microfiber cloth. In minutes your whole golf club set looks like brand new. No more grass or dirt wedged in cracks and crevices to interfere with the sweet spot. When the other players see you, you will be the envy of the golf course. The folks on the course will think ‘Look, they always play with a new set of clubs!’

3. Keep your golf shoes looking and smelling just like new. Again use a steam cleaner with a soft brush and a little hand soap to blast away grass stains in minutes. Your golf shoes will look just like the day you bought them. To get rid of that sweaty foot smell put the steam nozzle inside the shoe and steam for 10 seconds. The hot steam will even kill bacteria and deodorize your shoes so you don’t have to stop at the showers before you head for the “19th hole.”

One of the advantages of steam cleaners is that you can see the results immediately. Your clubs have never looked newer since the day you brought them home. Not to mention, your shoes never again have grass stains on them. The strokes off your game are have people asking ‘what’s your secret?’ So go ahead, try something new to help you shine on the golf course.

My Name is Heather, and I have been steaming my whole world clean with Sargent Steam for over 15 years now. You can get more information on making your home (or any other space in your life) cleaner in record time without harsh chemicals with our free videos at

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