Abracadabra! a New Pokemon GO Event That Starts Today Brings Psychic-Types out over Play

Abracadabra! a New Pokemon GO Event That Starts Today Brings Psychic-Types out over Play

Psychic-type Pokemon are probably the most mysterious from the types available in the big ol’ whole world of pocket monsters. Having the ability to use their mind to bend spoons, levitate objects up, and in many cases confuse their opponents in battle and leading them to hit themselves make any Psychic-type Pokemon a helpful friend to obtain on the team in Pokemon GO.

Thankfully, starting today, trainers in Pokemon GO has decided to see more Psychic-types out there in the wild until Oct 14 at 1 p.m. PT. Be prepared to encounter some mysterious Pokemon like Abra, Spoink, Kadabra, Slowbro, Drowsee, and plenty of lot’s more.

Also, additional research quests working on Psychic-type Pokemon is going to be provided by the chance to catch a shiny Drowsee much more feasible. Imagine exposing your new shiny Drowsee to any or all of your respective Pokemon GO friends. They’ll be so jealous individuals that they’ll be begging that you do business with them. You’ll be the talk from the town, trust me.

So get off your couch, have some friends (or perhaps yourself) and decide to catch some clairvoyant critters near you or wherever you most likely are. You could have nine more days to collect up many of the Psychic-types which you can!


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