This New Trailer for your Quiet Man Is Intriguing as Heck but We Still Don't Know What's Taking

This New Trailer for your Quiet Man Is Intriguing as Heck but We Still Don't Know What's Taking

Announced recently during Square Enix’s E3 press conference, The Quiet Man presently has a release date as well as the publisher has additionally released a good trailer that flaunts more of the live-action segments blended with high-quality CG animations.

The Quiet Man is defined to file for digitally on Nov 1 for PS4 and PC with the cost of $14.99. For those who download the overall game while in the first 2 weeks of launch, you can be rewarded having a dynamic PS4 theme and eight PlayStation Network avatars. For people that purchase it on PC, you’ll receive some original wallpapers for your personal PC and smartphone.

You can browse the action-packed trailer below:

From checking out the trailer, we appear to have a much better grasp within the overall narrative of the game, but that which we don’t know is the way the whole thing blends with, such as live-action and in-game moments. It seems that a songstress named Lala eventually ends up getting kidnapped with a mysterious masked man and it’s about our deaf protagonist, Dane, to rescue her, kicking butt and taking names in the way. Square Enix notes that the game is often finished in one sitting and plans to deliver an “immersive story-driven cinematic action experience.”

The Quiet Man launches digitally on Steam and PS4 on Nov 1.

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