Destiny 2 Community Manager Gets Rightfully Punked Over Edge Transit Drop Rates

Destiny 2 Community Manager Gets Rightfully Punked Over Edge Transit Drop Rates

One of the biggest memes to leave the launch of Destiny 2: Forsaken 2-3 weeks ago is the Edge Transit grenade launcher. Nothing over it is inherently funny. It’s merely a pretty ordinary power weapon.

However, since the start of Forsaken, fans have seen that Edge Transit has brought a?noticeably?higher drop rate than normal. Like, comically high. An instant google image search will provide you with a fairly clear notion of what sort of Destiny 2 community feels for the Edge Transit.

Bungie has acknowledged the drop rates like a known issue, and presumably, it’s something which will be addressed soon.

That’s not about to stop anyone from teasing about it though, especially until it’s fixed. Bungie community manager, A_dmg04, was greeted with all the loveliest of gifts while he returned from things i assume was really a vacation of some sort. A scene that Forsaken fans are all too acquainted with.

I’m back at the workplace. Found these within my desk.

— dmg04 ?? Forsaken (@A_dmg04) October 2, 2018


Listen, until it’s fixed, we are able to all plan to get lots?and lots more Edge Transits. Bungie workers are not exempt using this.

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