Remedy’s Control Could have No “Meaningless Fetch Quests”

Remedy’s Control Could have No “Meaningless Fetch Quests”

With the arrival of open-world games in our gaming generation, fetch quests have plagued countless titles nearly everywhere. While Control is much more on the Metroidvania-style game compared to a sprawling open-world, the mere presence of side quests has concerned some gamers. Those over fetch quests will probably be glad to listen for that Control do not need any meaningless side missions.?

In a job interview with GamesTM (depending on Wccftech), game director Mikael Kasurinen said players will encounter a number “interesting” side missions over the main campaign. “We wanted every to feel relevant or even to at the very least be an appealing thing you should do,” said Kasurinen. “We wish to avoid busywork and meaningless fetch quests the leader, which argument quests can so easily become.”

Control shall be set solely inside of the Oldest House, a supernatural location where interiors and map layout will constantly shift all over the story. Checking out the Oldest House will reveal the story’s mysteries, and often will introduce some non-hostile characters too.

Control is it being developed by the group behind Alan Wake and Quantum Break. Actors from these two games may even lend their talents for Control. Specifically, Matthew Poretta from Alan Wake will voice Dr. Casper while Courtney Hope from Quantum Break will star as Jesse.

Control is scheduled hitting shelves between 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.?

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