Telltale Suffers More Layoffs as Skeleton Crew Shrinks

Telltale Suffers More Layoffs as Skeleton Crew Shrinks

Telltale has fired more of its already small remaining crew, reported by a tweet from the former employee.

Ex-Telltale narrative designer Rachel Noel posted a tweet Thursday on the grounds that she along with other employees have been fired. In line with previous reports, this company only had 25 staff members remaining plus they were that will finish operate on Minecraft: Story Mode.

Heeeeyyyy remember how clearly there was probably going to be a skeleton crew staying on for a while and i also was part of it? Nah, jk, all of us got laid off, too.

— Retchel Necronoelicon (@anameformyself) October 4, 2018

Noel continued to elucidate not everyone got let go, just her team. It isn’t yet clear what amount of employees remain, or what this implies for Minecraft: Story Mode. However, Telltale CEO Pete Hawley told Kotaku that the statement is going to be coming “on Friday or as late as Monday.”

I think there is some misunderstanding about my earlier message… You will find good people on the company. MY team is finished.

— Retchel Necronoelicon (@anameformyself) October 4, 2018

The original layoffs came on Sept. 21, leading employees to talk about the news online. An estimated 225-250 employees were let it go, many without the form of severance or aid. This came around the heels of previous layoffs and reports of a toxic work environment that included 100-hour work weeks and constant crunch.

Despite the enormous layoffs, Telltale has long been attempting to find partners to help them finish one more season of The Walking Dead. As outlined by Hawley’s statement to Kotaku, the organization remains working to make an offer happen.

Stay tuned for virtually every updates from Telltale upon which you can do next. Fo the time being, search for a good alternate ending towards the Walking Dead Season 1 and ways in which Dontnod should carry the torch for Telltale.

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