The Crew 2 Review

The Crew 2 Review

The Crew 2 on PlayStation 4

Ivory Tower’s The Crew in 2014 has a a lot of open ambition in bringing a virtual rendition of the us for the open world racing genre. Despite pretty much everything ambition, things weren’t quite executed with similar vigor, and eventually its multiplayer component felt underbaked, as well as event lacked the quantity of polish players sometimes have expected. While I’d enjoy to say circumstances are different within the Crew 2, they’re just not, and it can be put because of the one thing – it’s affected by a brand crisis.

The Crew 2 doesn’t know what it would like to be. On the surface, its enormous open world and a number of vehicles almost make it seem like the perfect MMO racing game. Yet, once you actually dive into what’s here, you’re left with a mishmash of features that feel as if they’re included in just to tick a box, as opposed to improving the series realize its ambitious vision. It’s something I want to bring up now, as numerous of my gripes seem like they will only be resolved if The Crew 2 focused entirely on being great in a choice offline or online gameplay, not both.

In comparison to its story, everything’s pretty barebones inside Crew 2. You’re pretty much a nobody, so you’ll should prove yourself within these families by completing races and facing your Rival in each to be the greatest racer ever. You’ll also experience Live series events that combine the three vehicle types: car, aircraft, and boats within your rise to fame, which we’ll talk more to do with later.

There are four different categories of racing, each having a quantity of varieties within. Street Racing includes famous brands Drift, Drag, and normal races for the streets, whereas Freestyle includes Monster Trucks, Aerobatics, as well as the Jetsprint. Off-Road and Pro Racing make up the remainder of the families, every of them do aid in keeping the gameplay fresh. Even so the place things start failing.

Racing was rarely ever fun during the Crew 2. Its AI suffers from serious rubber-banding, to the issue that you could be miles behind, and then get closer them in a short while, only reserved for the crooks to be up your ass however perfect you boost top. Sure, you’ll still win races mainly because they slow back down to suit your needs, but there’s nothing satisfying regarding this.

I was either frustrated resulting from how impossibly fast the AI was going (in no world can an Abarth 500 trounce an Aston Martin Vanquish), or bored because my car was upgraded to date over the recommended level that there had not been competition. There didn’t are any in-between for any impossibility of events, although every one has hard options, The Crew 2 will have benefited greatly from a wider selection of difficulty settings to tweak and adjust your experience. Combine this with handling (specially in cars) that feels a tad too spongy, and several questionable track design and you’ll realise you are spinning off course repeatedly when the AI all take the corners with expert precision. Still, there may be some variation in how discovering and vehicles control, but it’s not within the level of the Forza series whatsoever.


  • Some races and challenges are literally exciting.
  • Massive open-world includes a ton of possibility of creating your very own fun with friends.
  • Addition of air and sea vehicles adds variety helping to to pad out the world.


  • Bugs and glitches were a critical issue.
  • Odd vehicle handling and rubber-banding AI result in a largely unenjoyable racing experience
  • Lack of look at open world.

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