The Sims 4: Seasons Review

The Sims 4: Seasons Review

The Sims 4: Seasons on PC

The Sims 4 could possibly have had a rocky start, even so it seems days past have completed for fans. And that’s not merely ’force the mods be of assistance to. No no, right now in its fifth expansion pack, sixth game pack, and fourteenth stuff pack, it looks like the fuller game how the Sims 3 felt like by the end of its lifetime. Sure, you will still find some mess ups (lookin’ at you, My First Pet pack), but is Seasons another cash grab? Absolutely no way, Jose. You’re Jose through out this review, by the way.

You’ve got most of the new stuff, sure. The latest haircuts and garments. The fresh build and buy, needless to say. But that’s probably not the juice on the gameplay here. No, I don’t even cherish beekeeping or flower arranging or scouting/botanist careers, though it’s nice to possess those options. The meat in the game is extremely clearly weather, the calendar, and holidays, and this should honestly are the main thing that gets you foaming with the mouth.

Roleplaying is amazingly important to simmers. Building, buying, creating, are needed aspects, too. But roleplaying is the thing that you’ll spend positioned on time doing when you’re playing a family group. What better method to roleplay when compared with facing world weather throughout the game? How immersive to put on a coat or grab an umbrella subject to exactly what day its??Each of the seasons act stereotypically in the game, as you’d expect. Within Spring, you’ve got the optimal season for gardening, Summer brings high temperatures, Fall has leaves fallin’ almost everywhere and also beginning of cold, and the Winter brings snow.

Not to cover holidays! Having the capability to countdown to midnight with other sites or just being thankful or even something no more than celebrating the seasons premiere associated with a new show sometimes is really a match changer for any Sims 4. And those merely a few of the pre-packaged holidays. You may upright you could make your own weird tradition that’s unique in your sim family. Giving players the slate to make their own personal stories is precisely what helps make the Sims among the greatest storytelling games ever.

With many of the praise I’m able to provides it, though, it’s a shame that there isn’t a new world and I personally can’t forgive that. I do think that it’s inherently necessary when releasing an expansion pack to allow players a new world. Regardless of whether it’s simply a new vacation world, the fact that game continues to sorely lacking, in addition. You will find a very concentration on weather and holidays, using a new destination for a vacation will make many sense, right? Well, apparently not.

Oh, and I’m still miffed that there’s no tanning like there was within the Sims 3.

All in all, though, The Sims 4: Seasons deserves your time and efforts and attention in case you have already the bottom game. The expansion packs (excluding Gather, really), all bring new stuff into the table that includes more life to the game. Each technology makes earlier versions within the game into obsolete artifacts. EA has better at making certain fans are becoming a very good bang with regard to their buck, and they appear to really know that adding fan favorite stuff – like weather – is vital at this stage.

Score: 4/5 –?Great


  • Weather! Weather! Weather!
  • Each season and weather patterns are beautifully done.
  • Holidays are awesome.
  • The calendar introduction is the vanilla game feel archaic.


  • No new world? Really?
  • No tanning?! Occur!

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