Mega Man 11 Review

Mega Man 11 Review

Mega Man 11 on PlayStation 4

It’s been a little while ever since the world has got a mainline entry in Capcom’s Mega Man franchise, and following the below stellar spiritual successor that has been Mighty No. 9, some is actually a bit uneasy regarding the game’s formula. Luckily, Mega Man 11 continues the series’ tradition of great games. It hones its best qualities to the fine point while introducing small but necessary improvements to your old formula.

The game’s setup concerns what you would expect from the Mega Man game. The mad scientist Dr. Wily has again devised a sinister plan to take control of the world, this time through a change that can enhance his eight new Robot Masters’ speed and strength known as the Dual Gear. Often unwilling to allow get away with his evil plot, Mega Man equips the twin Gear himself and sets over to write down Wily one more time, tearing through his new range of robot masters en route.

Though there’s really nothing to write home about with regards to the story, it serves the game sufficiently helping to to introduce the title’s new Dual Gear mechanic. From it, players can decrease time for it to avoid enemy attacks and environmental hazards or boost the power their attacks for most over-powered, screen clearing moves. It’s a useful new mechanic that lends itself well to the gameplay formula, plus much more often than not at all functions as a safety net because players must correct for timing mistakes or address a zone’s more complicated enemies quickly.

Another important addition will be the inclusion of difficulty levels. Mega Man 11 offers four different difficulty settings, tweaking simply how much damage is inflicted within the player by basic enemies and robot masters alike. Consequently, they range from an uncomplicated mode which makes platforming the principal hazard towards hardest mode designed to have even veterans making split-second inputs merely to survive encounters with basic enemies. Though this can turned off a few of the series’ purists, it’s a welcome item the sport which supports it feel more in step with modern difficulty norms, and functions as a perfect means for newcomers to learn and work their way into the gameplay inside their own pace.

Speaking the fact that, the gameplay has risen there with some of the best titles inside series. Everything that Mega Man has arrived to become recognized for are here, from the gauntlet of platforming challenges into a selection of enemies to turn players into a burst of and scrap metal. The controls are tight and highly responsive, creating fast and frantic maneuvers which can be a lot of fun to pull off correctly within general levels and boss fights, the latter ones supply the great features found it necessary to stand toe foot while using best Robot Masters on the series’ long lineage.

The visuals and sound design also are excellent. Whilst the game does dive right in from 2D to 2.5D, it’s an effortless transition which carries over with the charm and personality the series is recognized for. Each area have their own feel and aesthetic which will come through in anything from the colour palette towards appearance and behaviors with the enemies scattered throughout.

This is matched by way of a soundtrack that is a perfect accompaniment to the majority of any level its featured in. It’s bit-tune tones mesh perfectly while using game’s aesthetic and help the experience be noticed a lot more.

It should really be noted that the game is short, especially by today’s standards. Depending on player’s evel of skill as well as what order they fight the robot masters in, the sport can take them about six and 10 hours in order to complete. This really is extended if they experience an improved difficulty setting, but after players realize the bosses’ movement patterns and gained several of the different attacks rewarded for defeating them, they’ll find they’re able to pay off the game in as little as 2-4 hours in the future replays.

This would understandably be a turnoff if you only play via the game once, particularly the experience is currently coming in at $29.99 across all platforms; however, those of you that take pleasure in the series and would like to clear it on every difficulty setting, there’s enough replay value to help make up for the high selling price.

There was obviously a lot riding on Mega Man 11, nonetheless it rises for the occasion in every regard. It’s a near perfect modern representation within the series, as well as for all those who have been able to just a passing affinity for the series, it’s an entry they won’t wish to miss.

Score: 4.5/5

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