Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of your Elusive Age Review

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of your Elusive Age Review

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of the Elusive Age on PS4

We last saw the release of your mainline Dragon Quest game under western culture eight years back, with Dragon Quest IX on DS. Since that time JRPGs have changed dramatically and new entries in famous franchises have created big changes, a la Final Fantasy XV, Persona 5, and Monster Hunter: World. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes connected with an Elusive Age may not be the radical change those aforementioned games were, but what it really does turn out to be is a traditional JRPG to the modern age, a bed that implements enough modernization to feel fresh, but somehow is able to capture the quirk and charm that the beloved JRPGs with the 90s did. It’s a large engrossing game including a journey we honestly didn’t desire to end.

Dragon Quest happens to be about by using a typical JRPG storyline, heck it even helped invent JRPG tropes, and Dragon Quest XI isn’t a different. You play an early man being raised inside the village of Cobblestone, who at some point finds out he’s the prophesied hero the Luminary, destined to repel the forces of evil and the Lord of Shadows. As monsters and villainous creatures appear world wide, you determine off from your hometown on the capital of Heliodor, but what awaits you there spurs someone to go on a lengthy journey across the world.

The story in Dragon Quest XI is often a prime illustration of being about the journey instead of the destination, as the little stories that occur on the way from the true heart within the game. Whilst the main villain himself is pretty forgettable personality-wise, his actions certainly aren’t. For this reason, the possible lack of a fleshed out villain isn’t necessarily a concern, when the Lord of Shadows does as a minimum an effective job of pushing the heroes onward and providing them with an underlying cause to deal with for.

Dragon Quest XI’s story setup regarding versus dark isn’t anything new, but the game uses this tropey?setup to layer in contained stories about its fascinating world and cast of characters, which also bear a sprinkling of mythic inspirations. With that being said, Dragon Quest XI will take some very surprising turns featuring its main story, and doesn’t pull its punches in a number of aspects. Despite as a mostly lighthearted game, there are numerous seriously dark twists and moments that occur.

The main party is significantly and away the most beneficial range of characters in almost any Dragon Quest game, and each and everyone gets their own individual well-developed story arc and time for it to shine, from your cocky thief Eric on the flamboyant circus performer Sylvando.

There’s a real a sense of camaraderie that develops between these characters, and also strong voice acting performances only assistance to solidify their personalities far more. The previous English style of script introduced with Dragon Quest VIII returns here, and delay wonders helping give Dragon Quest XI a quirky a sense personality, particularly when you encounter talking sharks that address you having a thick British accent and call you “bruv.”


  • Typical tropey story is needed to employ some surprising story turns.
  • A wonderful cast of characters, who each acquire time for you to shine.
  • An easy to get to JRPG, with combat and complexity that slowly ramps up, and more difficult methods of hardcore players.
  • Absolutely gorgeous graphical and art style, with a vibrant well-realized world.
  • Jam-packed with content and adventures, even when you think it’s over.


  • While the score is great, it could employ a much more variation in towns and exploration.
  • Forgettable main villain.
  • Still being forced to manage each character’s inventory.

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