Overcooked 2 Review

Overcooked 2 Review

Overcooked 2 on Nintendo Switch

A co-op game is done great when you’re fun whether or not both you and your partners are playing well or poorly, and Overcooked 2 absolutely perfects that. When everything goes smoothly, every body perform your roles perfectly, surely nothing is determined on fire. you experience like master chefs whorrrre efficient at anything. Yet, failing miserably, with everyone shouting at one another, can easily see you rolling around in fits of laughter. In co-op, Overcooked 2 is exceedingly fun in spite of how good you’re at the game, but it’s less than the exact same experience all by yourself.

This time around, you will be starting off to protect the Onion Kingdom once again, looking to quell the threat of the Unbread. Yes, they’re zombie waste toast. When you acted first game, you’ll get a handle on the idea quickly in Overcooked 2. You and also a minimum of one more chef work together to carry out numerous levels, because both versions sees you frantically cut, fry, boil, and bake lots of ingredients to generate a assortment of dishes. Since the clock ticks down along with the tempo from the music increases, you dash round the kitchen level to obtain the laundry to the hungry customers before it’s too far gone. The greater dishes you can get out in time, the bigger your score is and the more stars you’re awarded. It’s breathless stuff, but immensely fun.

While the notion is the similar, Overcooked 2 brings a jug of recent ideas to your home to make certain that you’re not only retreading identical stuff you did inside first game. Of course, the pizzas, salads, and burgers return, but you’ll easily be making sushi, burritos, cakes, pancakes and a lot more as you progress over the six sets of levels. However, it’s the latest tweaks to level design that can make every level fun. Dynamic levels are significantly more frequent in Overcooked 2. Levels will change shape, layout, and also location quickly, supplying you with another thing to weave for your tactics. Add portals, moving walkways, fire, and controllable platforms into your mix and navigating the amounts often poses equally as much of your challenge as the recipes themselves do.

The level design is fantastic across the board, though, with zero idea is ever overused. Almost all of them feature multiple times over the story mode, but they’re distributed and involved with new recipes making sure that you’re always maintained your toes. 60 seconds or so you’ll be creating sushi in the heart of instructors road, dodging the oncoming vehicles, and the next you’ll be baking cakes from the basket of a hot-air balloon as fire is launched in the floor from the kitchen.


  • Incredibly enjoyable in co-op, whether you’re looking for silly fun or even a challenge.
  • Loads of brand new recipes to test yourself with.
  • Excellent and varied level design.
  • Online multiplayer can be a welcome addition.


  • Difficult without as fun if you’re playing alone.
  • No faster way to replay levels once they’ve finished.

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