FIFA 19 Review

FIFA 19 Review

FIFA 19 on PlayStation 4

Over the recent past, FIFA fans have generally known what to expect from each fresh product. The polished overall experience shall be combined with incrementally with small daily life tweaks, Alex Hunter’s journey will keep, and live content will assure that Ultimate Team only grows in popularity. However, each year also sees gameplay concerns that aren’t addressed, the play can appear inconsistent and unreliable, or any on-field changes feel insignificant, leaving a remarkable spectacle that doesn’t support under close inspection. The alterations touted for FIFA 19 also seemed quite underwhelming in the beginning, in action they have got created fluid, balanced, and challenging gameplay, without losing from any of the presentation flair the series is acknowledged for, creating the most effective FIFA package we’ve took part in years.

FIFA 19’s gameplay still possesses the series’ signature arcade feel, with pace and power being important traits in a very player, but many the aspects that have frustrated recently were tightened up and delicate. From tailgate to cab, the play feels smoother Cthe new Active Touch System clearly through an impact on how players move and talk with the ball. Midfielders and defenders feel more assured on the golf ball and, aside from a few stray first touches, more reliable. Instances where attackers win loose balls unrealistically and tackles seeing the ball pop returning to the opposition as they’re clean through on goal are more uncommon, and player intelligence seems to have been boosted overall. Positioning surpasses at any time both in attack and defense while using the incredible importance of stats like reactions and strength in FIFA 19 seeing high quality defenders play a vital role, in addition to their capability to eliminate danger safely has been improved.

In attack, players make more positive runs than before. Passing the ball into your striker from the midfield will discover couple of players drive on for the opposition’s backline, especially in formations that utilize wingers to own across the outside of full backs or diagonally throughout the channel with regards to plus the CB. Through-balls aren’t reliable to the degree that tactic is overpowered, sometimes being wildly over-hit, nevertheless the runs players make clearly lean towards a focus on counterattacks and spreading the play quickly. The smooth, flowing nature of the gameplay opens more alternatives for tactics, therefore giving more weight towards the tweaked Custom Tactics system. Also, with the increased great need of stamina in FIFA 19, you must be smarter about precisely how you select your players on a match.


  • Gameplay feel more fluid, realistic, and responsive than before.
  • Timed Finishing, while tricky to begin with, adds an art form gap to shooting.
  • Ultimate Team restructuring will reinvigorated the mode’s competitive element.
  • New Kick-Off modes adds much needed higher level of fun.


  • The Journey: Champions can be a slog to relax and play and is particularly filled with awkward writing and uninteresting characters.
  • Few meaningful changes for Pro Clubs or Career mode.

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