Sleep Tight Review

Sleep Tight Review

Sleep Low on PS4

Sleep Tight?is like Pixar’s Monster’s Inc, if your offspring were heavily armed and prepared fight. Very much like other twin-stick survival shooters, you play as 12 different unlockable children which have to outlive waves of increasingly terrifying monsters that attack any room.

Everything in Sleep Tight follows the kid’s bedroom aesthetic, where defense walls are pillow forts, guns can shoot water balloons, and turrets appear as if massive NERF guns. This is often ultimately what makes Sleep Tight memorable in comparison with numerous other titles that are fitted with similar gameplay with horde modes and base defense strategy.

You use two currencies right after the each night to develop defenses, replenish your wellbeing, buy upgrades, and restock ammo. The primary currency are suns, and you are also allotted eight ones upon the end of every evening (this can be upgraded to nine or 10 through the night) and you also rely on them to unlock food items actually have amongst people from health to turrets. Your second currency are stars that will be collected during battle after killing monsters. Stars along with suns unlock new abilities and equipment, and gain levels what defenses you have already purchased.

New characters enable you to start a night with certain perks, for example unlocked guns, better defenses, or maybe a flashlight. Some are unlocked by surviving some initial nights using the max being 45, others by completing certain challenges like never firing a trial for eight nights in a row? or using every power-up immediately, and some through grinding and reaching certain game checkpoints like 10,000 total monsters killed or survive uniformly 300 nights overall.


  • Charming art style and premise.
  • Lots of options to tryout new survival strategies.
  • Difficulty levels feel fair and challenging.


  • Lack of depth in content.
  • Frustrating base-building design flaws.
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