Pressure from Microsoft is Finally Kicking Sony Back into Gear

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Pressure from Microsoft is Finally Kicking Sony Back into Gear

Today marks a huge victory for PlayStation players. Finally, after years of pleading to Sony to let players to vary their PSN usernames, it seems like they’ve finally cracked it.

5 Approaches to You’ll find Black Ops 4

1 of 5 Ways to Prepare for Black Ops 4 Free Up Some Hard Drive Space If you were browsing online yesterday, then chances are you saw excellent of Black

This New Trailer to the Quiet Man Is Intriguing as Heck but We Still Don't Know What's Taking

Announced trapped on tape during Square Enix’s E3 press conference, The Quiet Man featuring a release date as well as the publisher in addition released an extensive trailer that displays

Warner Bros. Interactive Will Distribute Cyberpunk 2077 in United states

Polish developer and publisher CD Projekt RED today announced by using a press released that this won’t be distributing?its upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077 in America. Instead, Warner Bros. Interactive will

Every Retro Game Traveling to Current Generation Platforms in October 2018

There really aren’t so many retro games hitting modern systems this month, however this specific selection, I don’t think that’s an issue in any respect. There are plenty of lengthy

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Dragon Ball FighterZ Switch Launch Records Big Numbers in Japan (Media Create)

According to Japanese analyst firm Media Create, Dragon Ball FighterZ’s debut in Japan has recorded impressive numbers. Despite launching 3 days in to the week, the licensed fighting game slots

3 Easiest PS4 Trophies and Platinums of September 2018

1 of 3 Easiest PS4 Trophies and Platinums of September 2018 Transference You may remember Transference as that VR game that’s being made by a company founded by Elijah Wood,

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5 Most incredible Games of September 2018

1 of 5 Most Beautiful Games of September 2018 Dragon Quest XI September 2018 was certainly loaded with some pretty titles, and Dragon Quest XI is definitely one of the

6 Fortnite Season 6 Challenges We're Guaranteed to Understand this Season

1 of 3 We’ve just started the latest season of Fortnite, ushering in the dark and creepy age into the usually bright and cheerful map. The cube is currently suspending

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5 Whatever i Wish I'd Known Before commencing Assassin's Creed Odyssey

1 of 5 5 Whatever i Wish I’d Known Prior to starting Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Dismantle Gear, Don’t Sell Them One on the rookie mistakes I made when i started