Dev Discusses What Journalists Get Wrong About Game Development, Telltale Dumpster Fire, Worth of Video gaming; Full Q&A

Dev Discusses What Journalists Get Wrong About Game Development, Telltale Dumpster Fire, Worth of Video gaming; Full Q&A

Luc Bernard,?Chief Creative Officer of development studio,?Arcade Distillery, has lots of games under his belt. Chances are you’ll recall ones like Plague Road, Mecho Tales, Death Tales plus the upcoming Skull Pirates (Spring 2019). Additionally, bigger a match in development, Imagination would be the Only Escape, that targets the Holocaust, individual matter that’s caused much controversy. Finally, Bernard is one of the only United states developers still supporting the PlayStation Vita, with Skull Pirates still set to discharge on the platform the coming year.

We recently spoke to Bernard about misconceptions about game development from both consumers and journalists, but got his opinion on everything ranging from season passes, game pricing, additionally, the Telltale fiasco. Here’s what he previously had to talk about.

Joseph Yaden of Twinfinite:?What’s a common thing you hear from consumers pertaining to development that is definitely totally wrong? And ways in which ya think that is fixed?

Luc Bernard of Arcade Distillery:?I honestly don’t really listen to negative comments; I block them out. Playing with general, I might point out that people complaining – like the way that they hated Mass Effect 3’s ending or Mass Effect Andromeda’s graphics

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