10 Game Crossovers That want to take place

10 Game Crossovers That want to take place

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We’ve all sat around and thought of our favorite franchises colliding or joining forces. Games are special in how crossovers are commonplace in the market. From Street Fighter x Tekken to Super Smash Brothers and Kingdom Hearts, you may have multiple series that collect various worlds and characters men and women have cultivated person to love. We intend to check out a few game crossovers we believe will need to happen.

10 Game Crossovers That to Happen

Castlevania/Dark Souls

Known for the challenging difficulty above all else,?Dark Souls has left a significant mark within the industry most importantly with a lot of games seeking to emulate the style of franchise. Souls-like has now become a sub-genre from the own, seeing the discharge of Koei Tecmo’s Nioh, and others. Similarly, Castlevania helped establish the Metroidvania genre of games and was equally challenging in the early days.

Both games happen in worlds reminiscent of late medieval Europe and workout Gothic architecture and tarnished Christian iconology to market a darker tone. The Belmont family, plus the protagonists of Dark Souls, combat demons, monsters additionally, the undead, using a wide variety of skills and magic to defeat their enemies.

The boss encounters both in series are iconic, the bunch of enemies such as a half-spider witch, a huge butterfly, Death, Dracula, and more. ?And let’s take into account how incredible the music is each of them.

A crossover between both these franchises is really a no-brainer. I’d personally enjoy visiting a Castlevania title during the Souls-like genre. Still, I wouldn’t be against Simon Belmont making a look in a of From Software’s sadistic worlds, rolling around so as to avoid enemies much stronger than him. It certainly sounds like a match earned in hell.

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