7 Best Multiplayer & Co-Op Games of September 2018

7 Best Multiplayer & Co-Op Games of September 2018

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Grab some friends and group as much as look into our number of the most effective online multiplayer and native co-op games of September 2018.

Best Multiplayer and Co-Op Games of September 2018

Ninjin: Clash of Carrots

This side-scroller from Pocket Trap combines bunnies and ninjas in a very colorful and fascinating anime beat-em-up style.

Work towards you through various enemies to accumulate carrots stolen with the villainous Shogun Moe, which often can then be applied a currency to buy new over 150 possessions to your characters.

Along with single-player, you may as well do two-player online or local co-op for the whole mainline campaign.

There is yet another ‘Oni TV Show’ survival mode where players group around fight a continuous mob of enemies for much more rare rewards to then utilization in the campaign.

Ninjin: Class of Carrots released for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch at the start of the month on Sept. 4.

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