Spider-Man PS4 Has the top Platinum Trophy Completion Rate for the Exclusive

Spider-Man PS4 Has the top Platinum Trophy Completion Rate for the Exclusive

We all love Insomniac’s rendition on the recently released Spider-Man game for PS4. That’s not a surprise since exclusive?title been able to sell over 3 million copies within the first couple of events of launching, crushing the therapy lamp office sales of Spider-Man Homecoming. As well as, we’re not the only ones who will be experiencing the heck created by sandbox superhero adventure, as PS4 players appear to be obtaining that coveted platinum trophy speedier and just than other big AAA PS4 title in recent times.

Thanks to your photo posted by Resetera user, Certinfy, it seems that Spider-Man’s completion rate has hit 10% for your platinum trophy, and that is very high, especially since game only released just recently. To find out how Spider-Man ranks against other big PS4 exclusives, we investigated some heavy hitters and checked out their platinum completion rates using PSNProfiles:

  1. Spider-Man PS4 C Insomniac Games: 10%
  2. Horizon Zero Dawn C Guerrilla Games: 6.9%
  3. God of War C Santa Monica Studio: 5.5%
  4. Until Dawn C Supermassive Games: 2.9%
  5. Persona 5 C Atlus: 2.4%
  6. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End: 0.8%
  7. The Last of people Remastered: 0.5%

It seems that players love swinging across the payday loan lenders Ny, completing the plenty of crime objectives that Spider-Man throws at you, and collecting those pigeons, because?who doesn’t like doing that?

Have you guys received the platinum trophy for Spider-Man yourself? Are you currently working towards it or are you among those people that would rather just take pleasure in the game and then forget in regards to the trophies? Contact us your thoughts from the comments section below!

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