8 Xbox game Collector’s Editions That Weren’t Definitely worth the Money

8 Xbox game Collector’s Editions That Weren’t Definitely worth the Money

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Video Game Collector’s Editions That Weren’t Really worth Money

Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition

Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV was a meeting jam-packed with cool announcements. There seemed to be the film, anime series, release date (which have been not being met), in addition to a super-duper expensive Ultimate Collector’s Edition for Final Fantasy XV.

The Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition represents precisely how insanely expensive these products will get, setting fans back a huge $270. That’s lots of money to go during one game.

What you got on your hundreds was nice all: physical copies of the anime and movie, a soundtrack CD, and also a Play Arts Kai statue of Noctis. Certainly, an excellent selection of goodies that will all accumulate if bought individually. But to $270? I don’t think so.

A big and very valid complaint was which it didn’t have the recently announced Season Pass, that would amount to another $25. Including this could have somewhat helped justify the hefty asking price a little more -and Square Enix would later fix this in the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Ultimate Collector’s Edition.

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