Remedy’s Control May have No “Meaningless Fetch Quests”

Remedy’s Control May have No “Meaningless Fetch Quests”

With the arrival of open-world games in our gaming generation, fetch quests have plagued countless titles right and left. While Control is a lot more of any Metroidvania-style game than only a sprawling open-world, the mere existence of side quests has concerned some gamers. Those over fetch quests might be glad to listen to that Control do not possess any meaningless side missions.?

In an interview with GamesTM (much like Wccftech), game director Mikael Kasurinen said players will encounter many “interesting” side missions over the main campaign. “We wanted each one of these to feel relevant or even no less than be a unique thing you must do,” said Kasurinen. “We choose to avoid busywork and meaningless fetch quests under control, which argument quests can so easily become.”

Control are going to be set solely within the Oldest House, a supernatural location the location where the interiors and map layout will constantly shift throughout the story. Checking Oldest House will shed light on the story’s mysteries, and definitely will introduce some non-hostile characters in addition.

Control has manufactured by the team behind Alan Wake and Quantum Break. Actors from both these games may also lend their talents for Control. Specifically, Matthew Poretta from Alan Wake will voice Dr. Casper while Courtney Hope from Quantum Break will star as Jesse.

Control is scheduled to kick or punch shelves between 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.?

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