Bandai Namco Releases "Swords and Souls," a SoulCalibur Documentary

Bandai Namco Releases "Swords and Souls," a SoulCalibur Documentary

Bandai Namco has released the earliest video within a series called “Swords and Souls: The increase of SoulCalibur.” The mini-documentary is that is generated by Bandai Namco themselves and chronicles the way the SoulCalibur series rose to prominence inside the fighting game community. Specifically, the documentary is very much with regards to the impact it had on fighting game fans, rather than actual continuing development of the overall game.

The video loops from the experiences of well-known content creators. While in the first part we are to learn from Markman organization and community advisor for Tekken, player/commentator Aris, streamer/producer Maximilian, and the EVO 2018 finalist Kayane. Each mentions their involvement?with SoulCalibur and just how they’ve seen it evolve over the years. Spliced was gameplay from round the series, starting all the way up back from Soul Edge.

This is, certainly, leading up to the making of SoulCalibur VI, which introduces the latest guest character of Geralt with the Witcher. A fresh system called Reversal Edge can be implemented, helping you to fend off another panic attack after which it instantly launch one back at the opponent. It is possible to examine the complete part 1 of Swords and Souls below.

SoulCalibur VI launches on Oct. 19 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. If you ever missed it, you’ll be able to look into among the list of game’s latest?trailers from GamesCom detailing another story mode and character creation. It’s also possible to look at our hands-on impressions of SoulCalibur VI from earlier this year.

Do you’ve got any particularly fond memories with the series? Let us know what they are down while in the comments below.

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