Best Best Video gaming Protagonists of the Console Generation

Best Best Video gaming Protagonists of the Console Generation

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Best Online game Protagonists on this Console Generation

Kat, Gravity Rush 2

It’s near impossible to experiment with Gravity Rush without love its hero, Kat, and her magical cat, Dusty (yes, it’s somewhat confusing). Utilizing the capacity to control gravity, Kat operates as a superhero-like figure, floating the area helping individuals with problems as huge as invading monsters and as simple as delivering newspapers.

While Kat’s good-natured, heroic personality could have made her a bland protagonist, her undeniable charm sets her besides the most of her ilk. Kat flies from the world which includes a childlike wonder and naivety which helps establish Gravity Rush’s warm tone. Whether fighting crooks or dealing with folks inside the city, there may be well-intended clumsiness in whatever Kat does.

Kat’s bubbly personality when combined with a mysterious and slowly unraveling past make her a great protagonist and another of gaming’s best superheroes.

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