Xbox Fix Repair Guides

There is no question that in the world of consoles and gaming, Xbox carries a great deal of popularity due to it’s exceptionally cool features and games. Since Microsoft first launched the Xbox 360, the number of terrific games available for the platform has steadily increased.

It has also become common knowledge inside the Xbox community that all is not well on the functionality front. Since the release of the initial model of the X360, the gaming unit has been plagued by what has become commonly known as the Xbox 360 3 Red Lights snag (aka the Red Ring of Death). If you are playing along (for the 5th hour in a row) and your game freezes, and then the “Ring of Death” appears, you know you are in trouble.

Most often, the problems are caused by general hardware failure which can be attributed a majority of the time to overheating. When excessive heat builds up inside the Xbox and causes damage to one or more internal components, this can trigger the 3 flashing red lights on the front of the Xbox console.

If after re-powering the lights are still there, the damage is most likely permanent. Before you lose it, you should always try to power down your Xbox and wait a few hours to allow it to cool down. If when you power it back up you still see the 3 flashing red lights, you’re probably in need of a 3 red lights repair job.

While it may seem a bit complicated initially, repairing your own Xbox is really not so tricky. If you don’t mind prying open your Xbox console, using a downloadable 3 Red Light Fix will get you on your way to gaming again quicker than any other option available. The huge advantage of going the do it yourself route for the Xbox 360 3 Red Lights problem is that you can be back up and playing your favorite game in about an hour or so. Yay!.
XBox Repair Guides Reviews shares the top three guides that walk you through fixing your Xbox at home.

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